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We provide digital credit services to help you build your wealth or business.


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Feel At Ease
With Rapid Lodgements you are trouble free as we do the field work and consult you along the way

Loan processes can be strenuous and hectic. Let us guide you and make you at ease. Our straightforward form is all we need from you.

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Free Consultation

Call us to book and appointment or live chat with out specialist, they will guide you!!

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Our Commmitment
At Rapid Lodgements we have perfected the way of loan process and made it easier for customers to comprehend.

Journeys can be bumpy, but the ride is bearable with a good car and a witty driver. With our prolonged experience in the field, we can figure out the best and fastest package tailored just for you.

Starting at $~

Our Commmitment

Our prolonged experience in the field we can figure out the best and fastest package tailored just for you.

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Lender Research
Everyone's finance is different than others and we will povide a customise product solution.

You have arrived your destination; Destination maybe various but arriving at the ETA is important. We have various products you can choose from to serve your need but you can also consult with our advisors (for FREE) to get advice on which products to choose. Getting the loan settled is one of our tendencies. Once you come on board with us we give our best to get you your dream come true.

Starting at $~

Lender Research

We will find the best soluction and top lender for your financial situation.

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Find Us
A search engine is the easiest process to find contact details. Other word Google us,,

We are here to help. We can come to you or you can visit us @ our office. We can carry out after hours meeting**. Please call us!!

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Application within 48 hours

Lowest interest rates

True online service

Minimum documentation

Loan Services We Offer

We will match you with a loan program that meets your financial need. In short term liquidity,
by striving to make funds available to them within 24 hours of application.

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Home Loan
Construction Loan
Commercial Loan
Asset Finance
Personal Loan
Business Loan

Reasons to choose us

We are competent and equipped for all your financial needs. Moreover, our process is arguably user-friendly and efficient.

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100% Online

Our entire application process is completely online. We have established an online procedure to help our customers reach their dream and keep them safe. You can call us today to get started in a flash.

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Diverse Lender

We have a lender panel consisting of 80+ lenders. It means that you have 1000+ options to choose from. With the help of our advisors, we will guide you to the right path and the option that best fits your circumstance.

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Fast Approval

We work with your case closely so we can reach a settlement in about 24 hours of lodging application. According to our past extensive experience, we have altered the application process and documentation to reach a conclusion faster.

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Dedicated Specialist

We are fast because our specialists are professionals who are trained to serve and tackle any financial issues put on their plate. So with the dedicated specialists, you get dedicated support from scratch till settlement.

Apply in three easy steps

Here we summarised the process in three easy

Three Steps
Complete the form
1. Complete the form

First we need to know a little know a little about you and your needs for loan.

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2. Get Approval

You will get your application approved within five working hours of submission* (conditions apply).

3. Secure Your Fund

We will work out the details and you can enjoy your money within few hours of approval.

Get Started Simple & Securely

Understand what is the loan amount you are eligible for and what would the EMI can apply as per your eligibility.

Top Performing Lenders
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Trusted By Thousands of Peoples

What people are saying about us product and service.

Outstanding service.

A real eye opening experience with a smart and well explained approach to maximise growth while providing the best home loan available… Highly recommend.. Will use for all future refinancing as all the processes were super clear, easy to understand and they would always reply any queries quick and decisively… They really saved me a lot of money. Thanks again Rapid Team.

-Alexander Zaganelli

The service offered by the team is very much satisfactory.

The person looking after my case had deep understanding of the industry that was very helpful for taking the right decision. I highly recommend the service.

- Foujia Shareen

Very good company.

Very good company good customer service and very helpful totally recommend to everyone that needed help. They get the job done quickly for you these guys is 100% savior they go above and beyond to help. Easy to asked a question if u have any. Even late hours they still responds to you.

- Princess Ahorro

Frequently Asked Questions

If the below FAQs do not answer your questions, feel free to talk to our friendly consultants. They can help you grasp the situation.

Brokers work in the banking and finance sector as loan experts. They work with you to figure out what you need and how much you may borrow. Brokers can assist you in avoiding taking out a loan that is either too large or the incorrect product for you.

Brokers have access to a diverse range of lending options. This means that your broker will be able to locate a loan that is ideal for you.

A loan product is referred to various types of a loan. Finding the correct loan product from several financial organizations is usually always quite difficult. When you go to the bank, they will provide you with their products, but you will not be given the full picture.

Whereas a broker connected to multiple banks will do the fieldwork by providing you with all the products available for you from all the financial institutions. You will have a wide variety to choose from.

Not at all! Brokers find competing goods for clients, and in many situations, a broker may offer you a better bargain! We work on your behalf at Rapid Lodgement to locate the best cost-effective product depending on your requirements and situations. Give us a call, and our consultants will explore your choices in further detail.

Your overall financial circumstances usually determine this. However, many websites and apps may provide customers with a rough loan amount, but they are all approximations at best. There is certainly zero replacement for speaking with one of our Lending Professionals upfront or over the phone.

Of course, you can! One of our biggest advantages is our process is completely online, and you can communicate with us via email and phone call.

We work with 80+ lenders who can offer you 1000+ options to choose from. We thrive to source the best deal for you.

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