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Refinance | Rapid Lodgements: Why Refinance Home Loans ?

Why Refinance Home Loans ?

The first step to refinancing is understanding your needs. Then you can identify which
home loans are best suited to your financial goals.

Lower Monthly Payments

A lower interest rate can help reduce your monthly repayments and free up cash flow each month. See how you can pay less on your home loan.

Save money for the future

After refinancing, the monthly repayment will be lower. This will free some income capacity and could be count for further saving for life or purchase an investment property.

No Application fee

Most lenders do not have any application fee when you bring your established loan to them. As this know, you can maintain the loan so you can do it in the future.

Fast Turnover

Depending on the SLA of any lender, refinance is the quietest one to go through. Typically, refinance is known as a low-risk product.


Combining debts like credit cards, personal loans, or car loans into your home loan can reduce the total amount of interest you pay.

Get refinanced in three easy steps

A Clear and straightforward path to financial freedom. Brighter future and generous saving


Get pre-approved

Sorted all the files and filled the application. 48hs pre-approval.


Select rate and term

Different products got a distinct edge. Understand and choose.


Verify and Get done

Get the loan contact to verify and sign, leave the rest to us.

Benefits of Rapid
Refinance Home Loan

If you compare home loans and find one that’s better suited to you, that’s when you may want to consider refinancing. This means moving your loan from a higher rate to a cheaper rate or shorter loan term.

  • Lower Your Payments

    We will guarantee to save on your mortgage by choosing the right product for you.

  • simplify Your Finances

    There are several ways you can shave years off your loan and be debt-free sooner. Find out how much you could save.

  • Flexible Options

    We have a variety of lenders and hundreds of products. Our expert will calculate the best deal for you.

  • No Origination Fees

    You will find the product that you do not have to pay any monthly or yearly recurring fee ever.

Home Loan Rate

Rates from the different lenders from the market. Most of the lenders are ranging between the rate range.

Term Fixed
1 Year 1.99% – 4.60%
2 Years 2.29% – 4.80%
3 Years 2.59% – 4.69%
5 Years 3.09% – 5.19%
10 year Talk to us

**All the above rate ranges are including owner-occupied and investment property residential and commercial.


What our customer says

I was paying a lot more on my two mortgages also needed a construction loan. My construction was due at the same time. I had contacted The Rapid Team to help me out with my finance. They not only have settled all three loans but also organise the best investment rate in the current market with a big bank. I am saving a lot of money as my repayments are significantly less than they used to be. So far all the progress payments are coming out step by step without any delay.

I am extremely happy with their services, response timing and professionalism, highly recommend it to everyone. I felt like I am in the control sit of my finance process as I had been informed in every step of the loan process. Thank you very much for the help you guys provided me.

- Mohammad Ahamed

Hacks to pay off home loan faster

1. Refinance to a lower rate, but don't change your repayment amount

``It’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for better home loan interest rates. Refinancing to a lower interest rate can save you thousands of dollars over your loan term. With a lower interest rate, your monthly repayments will be less, making it easier for you to make extra repayments. These extra repayments will help you pay off your loan more quickly.Rapid Lodgments can help you refinance your home loan entirely online. Speak to one of our Home Loan Specialists for free expert advice.``

2. Decrease your loan repayment term and make higher repayments

``When you refinance your loan, you can do more than just switch to a lower interest rate. Decreasing your loan term will help you pay off your home loan faster. Reasons to consider changing your loan repayment term could include:
You now have a higher salary than when you first received your loan Changes in your financial circumstances (e.g. your children have moved out or you have less debt) For example, if you initially got a home loan with a 30-year term, but you’re now making twice as much as you were at the time, you could increase your repayments. By increasing your repayments, you can decrease your loan term.``

3. Use a redraw facility or an offset account

"Redraw facilities and offset accounts are great loan features to use when you are trying to pay off your home loan faster.A redraw facility is a valuable home loan feature that allows you to access the funds from any extra repayments that you make on your loan. It also reduces the interest charged, but you may experience delays and fees when redrawing the money.

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4. Make extra repayments

``It’s an obvious tip, but simply making additional repayments means that you can pay off your home loan faster. Have you received a tax refund, work bonus or an unexpectedly large sum of money lately? Consider putting it towards your loan.If you have a home loan with a fixed interest rate, make sure to check whether you can make extra repayments without penalty and whether there are any limits. Variable interest rate home loans give you more flexibility to make uncapped additional repayments.You could put your extra savings into an offset account if you'd still like to access them, or you can use a redraw facility that allows you to access your additional repayments.``

5. Make weekly or fortnightly repayments

``You’ll effectively make an extra month’s payment per year by making home loan repayments fortnightly rather than monthly. Because you're paying your loan off faster, you'll save on interest. You can even make repayments weekly.
Most lenders have your repayment schedule set to monthly by default, so speak to them to find out how you can pay weekly or fortnightly.``

6. Avoid interest only home loans

``When you have an interest-only loan, you are not reducing your loan balance, and you won't pay off your loan. Due to investment property tax benefits, interest-only loans can be attractive in the short term. However, for the average owner-occupier home buyer, they can just delay how quickly you can pay off your loan.You will pay off your loan faster by paying both the principal (loan amount) and interest.``