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Rapid Lodgements | Your finance, Our responsibility | Construction Loan

Why Constructions loan with Rapid Lodgements?

Any credit application could be daunting, primarily when related to dreams,
property, emotions, or other challenging factors out there.

Free Consultancy

We provide free consultancy and assist you in assessing any financial situation.

Priority Queuing

We are closely connected to your associate lender and can have the capability to prioritize your case and notify the lender accordingly.

Dedicated Specialist

To make your journey smooth, we provide a dedicated specialist to specialise in your case and tailor the perfect offer to attend to your financial needs.

Explore The Rapid Home Loan Book

We have various categories of home loan you can choose from.

Let’s start making the right choice

The process of building your own home or even renovation your current dwelling can be exciting but also strenuous. Let the experienced Rapid Team share your burden as well. We will guide you to the right option for your circumstance. We have a solid record as a credit specialist in small to medium-sized developments, consistently selected and conservative.


Secure your future

Our view on these developments and resulting stock is it can be an excellent short and long term residential asset. We can also consider financing finished residential stock. These assets may provide substantial upfront and ongoing opportunities for participation in the property market and benefits for developers, builders, debt financiers, residents, initial and ongoing equity owners, and the broader local community or town in the respective metropolitan areas.

*Offer Details | Pricing & Terms

Take the stress out of ‘borrowing’

If you have a bad credit history or have done something wrong in the past may affect how the banks look at your application. But private lenders are less rigid with their requirements and your way around the big banks. Many non-bank lenders are associated with us, and we can show you their offer alongside the banks. You can compare and contrast your options and go for the best-suited one.

Low credit score?

Traditional financial institutions can be strict with the credit score, and having a bad credit score can lead to a disheartening conclusion. A private lender can look around that and take a chance on you if your papers are organised persuasively.

Faster processing time

As private lenders are not too concerned about a load of documents, they usually look for people to trust and can let you off if you have the right kind of documents. The processing time with private lenders is impressively fast and easy. The Rapid team can analyse your situation and offer you a quick solution regarding your finance.

Feeling sceptical is the norm

A loan is, in general, a big step towards the future. Taking a loan out from a private lender can raise many questions. That is why we are here to answer your questions. We will show you all the perspectives of taking out the particular loan. As long as you are making an informed decision, you are in control of your finance. Your and their finance is wholly protected and documented. So you can leave it to our professionals to help you throughout the whole process.

apply now*Offer Details | Pricing & Terms

A homeowner who has run out of money for a DIY project?

If you are a homeowner in the middle of completing a home renovation and need some extra cash to complete the project, we can assist with suitable financing. We know DIY projects can run over budget, and often the banks will not help you in these situations, as the bank valuation will not reflect the property’s actual value. More to the point, it is against their policy to lend against unfinished projects.

An Owner-builder who has run out of funds?

If you’ve started building your dream home, only to find yourself running out of money halfway through the building process, it can be very stressful. The banks won’t lend you money once you have started the building project, leaving you with a half-finished home. Skip the stress and come to us. We are experts in providing loans to people in the middle of construction projects and can help revive the project.

Self-funded developer-builder and run out of funds?

If you are developing a project and plan to use funds from your business to finance the work, it can be frustrating when those funds don’t come through. Not only does it mean the project stalls, but sometimes it means you’re unable to pay your contractors. Don’t have your tradies leave you halfway through the job – get in touch with us to help you sort out some financing.

Who is an Owner Builder?

An owner-builder can be defined as a person who supervises, and project manages, all or part of the home’s construction. As well, they may actually carry out some of the construction work. When the job done by an owner builder exceeds a certain amount, a permit is required.

Being an Owner Builder Saves You Money

The primary benefit of being an owner-builder, and the reason owner building is becoming so popular, is that you save so much. Being in charge of building your own home can save you thousands of dollars. Being an owner-builder can save you as much as 40%! This is because you can source tradespeople that are willing to work to your budget. You can also source materials, fittings and fixtures that fit within the budget that you have laid out. With some time and research, you can get some excellent bargains on things such as tiles, timber, bench tops, cabinetry and so on.

You Have Complete Control

One of the most significant benefits of being an owner-builder is the amount of control that you have. That is, you have complete control over how your house is built. The only limitations that you have when you are an owner-builder are your budget and your imagination. You can create the exact design of the home that you want using your preferred materials. If you’re going to change something in your home halfway through the building process, you can with much less hassle than using a builder. You also have complete control of the tradespeople you select to work on your home, and you can build the home to your timetable.

Reputable Lenders you can choose from

We are working with a massive choice of lender panels. We have all tires lenders under our belt. We know every one of our clients is different,
keeping in mind, we have multiple lenders and products for everyone.

Extras with Rapid Lodgements

To cater for all situation, we are equipped with all the necessary services

  • Additional benefits and services

  • Real Estate Research

    Researching the property market comes down to a range of factors, including supply and demand, economic and demographic trends, and keeping tabs on future developments that may be scheduled in the pipeline. We leverage information offered by top Australian property data sources to help us understand different property markets. We have a dedicated team for property industry research.

  • Property Report
    “We do have access to top Australian property data sources for the property market. We can provide you with a comprehensive report of your nominated property, which will help you make an informative decision. The report will contain a breakdown of the median value of properties within the area, the number of people residing within the area and the number of properties within the suburb.You can also view the demographics of the suburb, which details the spoken languages within the area (64% of people speak English in Bondi), the nature of homeownership (54% of people rent in Bondi) and the distribution of property types (69% of Bondi properties are units).”
  • Land Value

    26.49%. We are registered agents with ASIC and NSW registers. With a concept, we can provide a detailed value of the land which the state government valued.

  • Credit Report

    90% of Australians do not know what is going on with their credit scoring. We strongly believe that we should run a comprehensive credit report before we choose a lender. We do have access to the top Australian credit reporting bureaus.

  • Calculators

    We do have a wide range of calculators in our service tab. Which will help you, go run some self-testing if you are not sure. Remember, we are always here if you find the calculator is a bit complex to operate.

  • Associate Partners
    After working in the industry, we have developed relationships with industry professionals closely related to property markers. We can always direct you in the right direction according to your need.
  • Client Visit
    We have BDMs who can easily visit you for a face-to-face meeting or signing contacts. We got you covered if you are not able to come to our office.

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