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What is identity crime?

Identity crime is on the rise, with 1 in 4 Aussies reporting they’ve been a victim.†

Cybercriminals gain access to your personal information and can use it to apply for loans and credit in your name—all without you knowing. It can take years to recover, and the financial and emotional impact can be devastating.

Equifax Ultimate, our most comprehensive subscription plan, can alert you if your personal details have been found compromised, and also if someone else applies for credit in your name. Call Us today at any time.

How can identity theft hurt you?

  • Refusal of credit is the most common consequence of identity crime.
  • You may be contacted by debt collectors for debts you have not incurred.
  • Stolen personal information is most commonly used to obtain money from a bank.
  • Average out-of-pocket losses of over $4,000 per victim.

Australian Institute of Criminology report on Identity Crime and Misuse in Australia: Results of the 2019 Online Survey

Credit Profile

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Credit Report

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Identity monitoring that puts you in control

Understand how identity theft happens and the steps you can take to better protect your identity and what you should look out for. Set up alerts to monitor if your personal information is found to be at risk and be notified of changes to your Equifax Credit Report